“TrueBlue Cleaning Services is the TRUTH.

From the moment I called for inquiries to the day of the completion of the contract, it was smooth sailing with open communication and eliminated all my fears and worries. In fact, I got schooled! They do know their onions!!!

The contract was for a post-construction cleaning of a residential building. An inspection was done prior and I was told it would take 2 days. Well, because the cleaning staff was so detailed and thorough with the cleaning, they didn’t rush it into 2 days as planned. It took them 3 days and they left the site at about 6pm everyday after resuming at 9am. I was impressed with the diligence and patience.

The work was spectacular and my entire family and household staff were pleased too. Moving in was stressless as the house was super clean and ready for move-in.

I loved the way they colour coordinated their cleaning equipment too. For example, green mops, green cleaning cloths and sweeping brushes were used only in the kitchen, red was for toilets and bathrooms and blue was for general living areas. I’m definitely incorporating this into my cleaning system!

Thank you TrueBlue Family!”