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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost for termite fumigation?

Termites are some of the most challenging pests to provide treatment for owing to the difficulty in spotting them and more importantly, because simply spraying the visible ones in a facility will not result in eradication. It costs upwards of N150,000 (above one hundred and fifty Naira to provide termite control in a small flat and often costs over N250,000 to treat for most duplexes. When we hear from you and assess your peculiar situation, we will be able to give a definitive price for the treatment.

When can I go back to the house after the application?

This isn’t determinable until recommendations are made at the time that your request has been processed. Sometimes it may take a few hours or a few days before you are able to return home. Please only go with the recommendation we give to you through our formal communication channels, especially telephone call or WhatsApp: 07031659221.

Why have I not been able to solve my termite problem after many years of attempts?

Every pest is different. Without understanding the unique social order of termites, eradicating them will be difficult. It is for that reason that you have to be picky in determining which pest control service to use to solve your particular problem. Only use service providers with proven experience in dealing with the pests you are concerned with rather than ‘general practitioners’.

Will the treatment affect my pets?

Pets can suffer injury and die as a result of unnecessary exposure to pesticides and so it is important to state clearly what pests you have in your facility and the parts of your facility where they are kept. That would enable a thorough plan to keep your pet safe from the risks associated with pest control

Which other pest will this treatment take care of?

This treatment is specifically for rodent control. Rodents are pests such as rats, mice and related animals. This service is not meant for any other type of pest. If you need treatment against any pest in addition, please contact us on 07031659221 or you may click the following link to specify: https://truebluenigeria.com/services/pest-control-service-request/

Is there a warranty period for this service?

If after 3 months of making this application, you still have termites within your environment, please don’t hesitate to reach us regarding it. You can do so via the following contact channels: 07031659221, https://truebluenigeria.com/contact/, care@truebluenigeria.com.