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Frequently asked questions

Will you be fumigating with the smoke machine or the spraying machine?

The equipment of choice will be dependent on the nature of pests to be treated against, the severity of the problem and the environment where pest control is to be carried out.

Will our food be affected by the fumigation or pest control?

Pest control activities may affect some types of food. Keep all food away in very well sealed and functional refrigerators and other air-tight containers to prevent them from absorbing pesticides.

Will the fumigation affect pets like aquarium fishes, cats and dogs?

If the service to be carried out is a fumigation service, pets must be removed from the vicinity completely. Pesticides may cause harm to any lifeform to which it is exposed.

Will the fumigation kill snakes?

All pest control requests have to specify the sort of pests that are expected to be attended to. There is no treatment that covers all pests. Knowing the type of pest that you desire to control will enable us determine the most convenient and environmentally-friendly way of solving the problem. Snake control requires special application.

How much does your fumigation cost?

Our pest control does not have a uniform price. The prices of the services that we offer are determined by the specific types of pests to be controlled, the size of the house or area meant for pest control and sort of application to be used. Some methods are more expensive than others.

What should I do before you fumigate?

1. Inform your neighbours at least 24 hours in advance and personally remove all pets and plants from the flat or house to be fumigated.
2. Remove or seal all food; yams, onions, garri, etc.
3. Remove medicines. Put away things in refrigerators or air-tight containers to protect them.

4. Turn off all your heating equipment and appliances at least 30 minutes before the commencement of fumigation.

How often should I fumigate?

We don’t encourage fumigating often because pushing chemicals into the environment indiscriminately is not justifiable. What we recommend is for you to have a pest control management relationship with us that will provide you with inspections to assess your facility and recommend measures to keep pest infestation at bay as much as possible and to use pesticides for you only when necessary. Otherwise we acknowledge that as a matter of regulation some business operators are required to provide certificates to verify that pest control activities have been successfully carried out usually once a quarter. We provide that service where needed.

How soon after fumigation can we return to the house?

Every pest control method and application has its peculiarities considering the pest of concern, in addition. There is no definite period of return or re-entry; sometimes it takes a few hours and sometimes it takes a few days. You have to confirm directly from us at the time of engagement. Please don’t discuss re-entry with our technicians as our head of operations alone is permitted to confirm re-entry timeframes. If however you have taken an ‘odourless’ fumigation service, we generally recommend the following as a guide::

  1. Leave the house for a minimum of 6 hours after fumigation
  2. Return to the house after the 6-hour period to ventilate; open windows and doors but keep insect screens or mosquito nets closed then leave the house for another 3 hours, minimum
  3. Return to the house as long as the above steps were followed diligently.