Our services

Over the past six years, we have done our best to set ourselves apart from every other service provider by catering not merely to aesthetics but to health. We have achieved that. See our suite of services below.

Janitorial/office cleaning

From training to due diligence for hired employees, you will find that we are very deliberate about the nature and quality of staff we provide for your office’s hygiene needs.It’s a commitment that we will not let go of.

Frequent home cleaning

Good home cleaning is hard to get these days. Even if you could do it yourself, you’d barely be able to after a demanding day or week at work. That’s the reason we created this low-priced, high-quality cleaning service. Engage us to clean your house on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Pest control

Whether fumigation, residual spraying, baiting or some other method of pest control, the hazards of the task require the most trained and committed personnel, to ensure that applications are done properly. This is what we ensure and it sets us apart from many service providers.

Pressure washing

Dirt typically builds up on the surface and sides of interlocking tile floors. Rain isn’t enough to wash off the dirt as it is constantly pushed into the floor material as feet step on it. A good pressure wash may be what you need to get those interlocking floors clean again.