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Frequently asked questions

Will my carpets be smelling after cleaning?

Rugs or upholstery that are not cleaned or dried properly would naturally smell. We clean well to avoid smelling. If cleaning and drying are done in our office, you can be assured of the greatest care to eliminate smelling. If they are done in your premises however, we will advise you on the most effective and least uncomfortable means of managing drying.

How clean will my rugs/upholstery be after cleaning?

No one can really know in advance how a carpet, rug or piece of upholstery will turn out after cleaning. What we can guaranty is that we will put our best effort into the cleaning to bring out the best possible result for that particular item that is to be cleaned.

How many days will it take for the rugs/upholstery to dry?

Actual drying time will depend on the method of cleaning used. It may range from as low as two (2) hours for low moisture types of cleaning to as much five (5) days where they have to be washed completely wet. It is important for rugs to dry thoroughly before being put back to use in order to prevent smelling.

Will you clean the items in my location or in your own office?

The cleaning location will be determined largely by your convenience: preference, availability of space, power supply, water, etc. Rugs can be cleaned in your location or in our office but for upholstery, cleaning is best done in your location.

How much will it cost to clean an area rug?

The price for cleaning is largely dependent on location of cleaning. If you bring your rugs to us, the cleaning starts from N10,000 each but the size is the biggest determiner of the price. On average, rugs that are 5 by 8ft and smaller are cleaned for N10,000 each.

Can you remove stains on the rug/upholstery?

Yes, we can remove stains but stains vary based on the causative substance. It is important for us to know what sort of stains we will be dealing with to determine the best way forward. Some stains may however be permanent. It is also important to note that dirt and stains are not the same thing. In addition, rug and upholstery cleaning cannot restore faded colours on fabrics; dyes may weaken as the years go by..

If you clean at my location, what do I have to provide?

We will require that you provide constant electricity and water throughout the cleaning service. If you will be using a generator, it is important for it to be in excellent condition and should be able to carry equipment with a minimum power rating of 5.5 KVA