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Frequently asked questions

Is this rat treatment 'kill and dry'?

‘Kill and dry’ is a common rodent control enquiry but it is not as practicable as assumed by most customers. The ultimate interest of customers is that rodents should not smell when they have died. That expectation is difficult to guatantee but most times what will happen is that rodents will die and be discovered in areas where they can be picked up and discarded.

When can I go back to the house after the application?

You can return whenever you want. You can stay on while the rodenticide does its work.

For how long will the treatment keep me safe from rats?

Generally, you need to begin and continue to observe some proactive and preventive pest control measures to stay safe from pest infestation because there is no treatment that can guarantee any duration of freedom from a pest. Pests can easily return to an area when there is poor preventive care such as poor disposal of food particles, leaving of open doors, failure to seal cracks in walls, windows, etc, failure to replace broken insect screens or mosquito nets, etc.

Will the treatment affect my pets?

Pets can suffer injury and die as a result of unnecessary exposure to pesticides and so it is important to state clearly what pests you have in your facility and the parts of your facility where they are kept. That would enable a thorough plan to keep your pet safe from the risks associated with pest control

Which other pest will this treatment take care of?

This treatment is specifically for rodent control. Rodents are pests such as rats, mice and related animals. This service is not meant for any other type of pest. If you need treatment against any pest in addition, please contact us on 07031659221 or you may click the following link to specify: https://truebluenigeria.com/services/pest-control-service-request/

Is there a warranty period for this service?

If after a week of following our directions carefully, you still have rodents in your environment, please don’t hesitate to reach us regarding it. You can do so via the following contact channels: 07031659221, https://truebluenigeria.com/contact/, care@truebluenigeria.com.

Is there anything that we should do before you come in for the rodent control?

Yes, there is. Please identify and seal all suspected or possible rodent entry points where practicable. Seal cracks in windows, doors and walls, cover openings in insect screens or mosquito nets, ceilings and air-conditioner locations, etc. Sometimes rodents make their way in and out of a house through some openings and so even if an application is successfully made, you are at risk of getting a re-infestation from other rodents or completely different pests.