Weekly cleaning


Make more time for your work, rest or play; outsource your home or office cleaning to us once a week.


This service comes with terms and conditions. Please read the terms and conditions on the web page before completing your order. At the stated price, the service covers one of our professional cleaners. This service is offered at the going price on the condition that a minimum of 4 weeks of service are paid for in advance but it is intended only for customers who wish to engage for the service for a minimum of 3 months. The price is per cleaner, per visit and so 2 cleaners will cost twice the price and 3 cleaners will cost thrice the price. This service is not intended as an alternative for post construction or deep cleaning and since it has a maximum daily time limit of 5 hours, it is important for the customer to make an informed decision on the number of cleaners required to complete all the required cleaning tasks within the 5-hour timeframe. The customer is fully in control of the scope of work but all work must be reasonable and safe. This service does not include running of errands or laundry services. For enquiries, please call or email us using any of the following details: 07031659221, care@truebluenigeria.com


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