Janitorial cleaning often requires the daily preparation and maintenance of an environment ahead of the activities that will take place there. It usually pertains to offices but can also be applicable for homes. If you wish to join our janitorial cleaning team, you will need to be very tidy, responsible, disciplined and dedicated to making our customers comfortable in their locations.


Apart from taking care of the interest of our clients, at TrueBlue Cleaning Services we also value and protect the wellbeing of our workers so as one of our cleaners, it is important for you to always be open and clear with us if there is anything that will affect your ability to work properly, whether it concerns your health or any other condition. A customer is not allowed to hit or abuse any of our workers just was our workers are expected to be very decent in their behaviour towards our customers. It is important to us that our cleaners are as safe as possible while carrying out your work. This includes safety from physical, verbal and sexual abuse. Don’t hide anything important from us.


Please fill the form below with the correct information about yourself. Please do not place any lie about anything regarding this form because we take false information seriously and we may terminate your employment or discontinue your consideration if we find that you have lied to us at any time whether it is regarding your name, age, experience, referees/guarantors, home address, etc. We wish you the best as you commence with the application process.

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