About TrueBlue Cleaning Services

The year 2020 took the world by surprise but it didn’t take us by surprise; we were ready. That year, many people all over the world started coming to terms with the criticality of hygiene but that is what we have been about since we commenced operations in Lagos, Nigeria, more than five years ago. The corona virus proved the criticality of hygiene to health but more importantly, it verified what we have insisted on for many years – very few cleaning service providers actually clean hygienically. The pandemic isn’t over yet but vaccines have been developed and are being used to try to ensure herd immunity in the world population as quickly as possible. That’s great but one thing is almost definite after that has been done; very many people will return to life as usual, once again disregarding the importance of hygiene. Many cleaning service providers will do the same but We won’t. That’s because health and hygiene are the pillars on which our services stand. We are in this for your health!


Since 2015, we at TrueBlue Cleaning Services have brought you unrivaled hygiene services and unquestionable aesthetic results. Regarding hygiene, we seem to have seen the future and the fallout of the novel corona virus, SARS-CoV-2, but that isn’t quite what happened. What happened is that as a cleaning service provider with distinct principles, we wanted to add more value than mere aesthetics and so we hinged our distinctiveness on the more important reason for cleaning; good health. For this reason, we prefer to be referred to as a hygiene service provider in the Nigerian cleaning industry. We have successfully achieved that and we are thankful to you for your unwavering trust in our promises and services.


In the course of distinguishing ourselves from other cleaning service providers through unblemished hygiene policies and practices, we have made a name for ourselves. This is reflected in our unapologetic commitment to your welfare and the welfare of everyone who uses the facilities where you live, work and socialise. Our commitment will never change. Once more, thank you. If you know someone in search of excellent cleaning services, especially in Lagos State, we would appreciate if you would refer them to us. We assure that you will not regret that referral. Welcome deeper into the TrueBlue world.

Our Vision and Mission

To be the service provider of reference and preference in all matters relating to cleaning and pest control
  • To assign hygiene and safety as the greatest priority for every task
  • To benchmark quality of service with the most professional service providers
  • To educate our staff on methods and the imperatives of critical thinking
  • To train and retrain staff in the areas of technical work and customer service

Our values

In everything we do, honesty is very important among ourselves and with our clients
We work hard to ensure that we use the best available resources to achieve operational goals
We put ourselves in the clients’ shoes and work with the best interest of the client at heart
We are careful about how we use various chemicals and how we dispose of them afterwards