Managing pests without professional fumigation

It’s often embarrassing to find certain pests inside your house. Sometimes you wonder how they got in and as a result of their presence you might sometimes have to opt for fumigation or some other type of pest control measure. What if you could make do without chemical pest control? I’m not talking about getting rid of the pests but about preventing or reducing the risk of their entry in the first place. It’s actually possible – fumigation and other forms of pest control should really only be engaged where absolutely necessary and sometimes you can do without them.


Pests have a variety of sources and means of entry into a home. The state and type of the environment typically determine the sort of pests you may find around you. The type of your environment involves factors such as humidity, presence of vegetation, temperature, rainfall, etc. The state of your environment involves factors such as general hygiene and cleanliness, behavioural patterns of individuals within your environment, etc.


The type of environment typically determines the nature of pests that an area may be exposed to but it is usually the state of one’s environment that will determine one’s actual risk. For instance, if you live in an environment that has a large cockroach presence, it would put you at the risk of a cockroach infestation but the state of your own home may make the presence of cockroaches different from the case of your next door neighbours, positively or negatively.


The presence of pests is a fact of life but one can reduce the general risk of an infestation of one’s own home through proactive steps such as the following:


  • Keeping the lids on over waste receptacles or dust bins/trash cans – this is particularly important to keep rats, cockroaches and similar pests away, especially in the kitchen and external trash points. Food is one of the greatest attractions that pests have to our homes.

  • Ensuring that water spills and leaks are cleaned and repaired quickly. Asides food and shelter, water is one of the greatest attractions that pests have to our homes. It is particularly important in the case of cockroaches.

  • Keeping doors and windows shut always – this will reduce access points for pests such as wall geckos, rodents and cockroaches.

  • Installing insect screens (locally called mosquito nets) at window points, especially for windows that may be required to be open frequently.

  • Sealing off cracks and holes in walls, windows, etc – these are important entry points.for pests. Rats can comfortably squeeze through small spaces. Wall geckos and cockroaches have even easier access through such points. Air-conditioning installations are particularly sensitive areas through which rats and other rodents and wall geckos may gain access into a facility, especially for window unit air-conditioners that may not have been properly installed.

  • Maintaining a clean and tidy environment – most pests are able to thrive and even go undetected for weeks, months or years due in unattended or untidy environments.


Chemical pest control is helpful but as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. If you diligently keep to the above, you are less likely to have serious pest infestations, especially from what I refer to as Nigeria’s big three: rats, mosquitoes and cockroaches. Having said all this, I shouldn’t forget to mention that TrueBlue Cleaning Services offers some of the best and environmentally-friendly pest control services. If you feel you have absolutely no choice than to engage a pest control service provider, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through any of these channels: 07031659221, We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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