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Emeka's house cleaning blunder

Emeka was moving to a new apartment and he was excited about it. He believed he had gotten the apartment at a bargain but there was a challenge – the place was a mess. The last occupant didn’t do a move-out cleaning when he was relocating. Emeka needed a professional move-in cleaning service as fast as possible.


There were a few local cleaning companies that did good cleaning work. Emeka called some of them but when it came to pricing, he insisted that they were too expensive for him to hire. He wanted to minimise his cleaning expenses so he decided to do what most people in his shoes would do: pay cheaply for a labourer to do the job. Emeka eventually engaged a security man from within the building complex to do the cleaning. He gave the man some money for cleaning materials and a little extra as the labour charge. After two hours of initial cleaning, the security man was tired. There was so much more cleaning to do. He said to Emeka, “Gaskiya, oga… This work, e too plenty; only me no fit finish am!” It was a big flat; three ensuite bedrooms and a large living room. Two thousand Naira really wasn’t much for Emeka; that was what he had promised to pay the security man. He could afford some more hands. He asked the security man to call two others to join him in cleaning. They bargained and the two joined in. Emeka paid for some more cleaning materials.


Another two hours and a total of ten thousand Naira later, the job was ‘complete’. There stood Emeka, looking at his ‘cleaned’ apartment. He complained about the detail of the cleaning, to which the security man responded, “Ah, oga, that one no be our work o. You suppose call people wey dey clean for kompeenee”. In other words, “Oga Emeka, if you were looking for professionalism, you should have called in a professional cleaning company”.


Embarrassing. After collecting all that money, the man had the nerve to tell Emeka that he had employed the wrong people for the job. He had the nerve to rub Emeka’s mistake in his face. That wasn’t the saddest thing, unfortunately. The saddest thing was when Emeka had to pick up a bucket, brooms and other cleaning materials to redo the cleaning himself. His makeshift cleaners had done a terrible job. The money he paid them was a waste.


“Look at this toilet!” Emeka screamed. “Couldn’t these guys do some simple scrubbing? And these floor stains… Haba! Waste! Aka gum, you don do yourself!” It was a lesson for Emeka: never send a boy to do a man’s job. Maybe I should say, “Never send a lay man to do a professional’s job. Cleaning, after all is a profession. Its most respected practitioners are called professional cleaners.


Let’s guess what you’re thinking right now: Emeka should have engaged TrueBlue Cleaning Services, right? You’re correct. It would have been better if Emeka did the right thing from the beginning. He wasted the little money he wanted to spend and still ended up doing the cleaning himself because his expectations weren’t met. I hope you’ve learned something valuable from this short story. Don’t be like Emeka. Don’t compromise on quality and don’t assume unnecessarily. Get the facts about your cleaning needs today.


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